Desktop Icon Toy 1.8

Desktop Icon Toy 1.8



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

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Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool that allows you to manage your windows desktop icons. Currently, there are most of similar tools, such as make desktop icon backgrounds transparent, arrange desktop icons. But none of them can animate desktop icons, add hover effects to desktop icons, remove desktop icon texts, and more. What cool things could you do with Desktop Icon Toy? Dance Desktop Icons You can drag and drop desktop icons to run around the desktop, and double click the desktop to stop the running icons. Hover Effects You can add visual effects when mouse hover desktop icons, like dance icon, shake icon text and blink icon text. Automatically Hide Desktop Icons You can automatically hide desktop icons when mouse off the desktop or desktop icon. This can give you a pair of bright eyes to see your beautiful wallpaper. Arrange Desktop Icons You can arrange desktop icons by many shapes, such as clock, circle, cross, around and more...If you like, you can even arrange the icons precisely with CTRL + Arrow Key.You can also add animation effects when arrange desktop icons. Remove Icon TextsYou can remove the classic ugly text of desktop icons, optional, instead of a cool pop-up tooltip. The whole desktop will become neat and tidy. Lock Desktop IconsHave you ever need to place some desktop icons in a specific place for better working, but always by careless or windows move them to back? Use this function, you needn t care this problem again. You can also add animation effects for it. More Funny ThingsYou can remove all desktop icons, but only keep the icon texts.You can change desktop icons to report mode, all the icons will become small, and icon texts will be placed on the right of icons. Other FeaturesRemove desktop icon shortcut overlay.Save and restore desktop icon layout.Transparent the background of desktop icon texts.Change the font color and background color of desktop icon texts.

Systems: Windows

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